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lover of all things himym and sherlock. these two dumb shows ruined what was once a quiet and normal life. Hover over sidebar image for more links.

One time, I met Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl. It was awesome.

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Dear Marshall, I know this is a strange way to apologize, but I’m sorry I let Carl name your drink after me. Why didn’t I say something? Gosh, I guess that goes back to my childhood. Did you know that for the first two years of my life, my dad treated me like a cat? Seriously. I wasn’t permitted on the furniture, I had to bathe myself, and I was only allowed to poop in a box. Ironic that this all comes out in a bathroom. A place that for so long I yearned to be. This tiled prison that eluded my saddened grasp was a haven. The unreachable. When I finally did demand a bathroom visit, my dad applauded my moxie. And that’s the only time my father ever said he was proud of me. Maybe that’s why I stole credit for your drink. Maybe that’s why I needed to pour my heart out like this, maybe I wrote this so you’d be in here long enough for a lady to walk in, causing you to freak out and hide in the stall. GOTCHA!! love, Robin (creator of the Robin Scherbatsky)
—in which marshall eriksen learns to not mess with robin scherbatsky



The Yellow Umbrella Meme (10 HIMYM Original Concepts that you love


"Wow. When did you guys start to notice that he was kinda dumb?"

"Well, there was that time Nick was doing the crossword."